How to retain our customer through Mobile Marketing

Almost 70% of companies say that its easy to maintain an existing customer in comparison to making a new one. According to a new report they are right.  Making a new customer can be very expensive as it takes a lot of hardship and pursuance to convince the customer.  Now, the Question  arises is  that ; how do we retain our customer ? The Answer is very simple –  Mobile Marketing!  According to survey a mobile User spends almost 60% of their time to surf online.    For Retaining your customer through Mobile Marketing you must think about “How to Engage Your Target Audience” .  There are several ways to engage the Audience but according to me some are:

Mobile Marketing - Digital Solutions

Make the Mobile Experience Easy to use:

One of the most important step is to carefully plan your  Mobile Relationship Marketing  (MRM) strategy.  MRM Strategy would fail if ease of use for customer is compromised.  It is important that the Website is mobile friendly as also the various Menus on the site are easily accessed.  A Responsive website is the answer as it is easily accessible in all the Browers and operating system over the phone.

Targeted Discounts

With the technology in hand, there are many ways to target you audience through Social Media Platforms.  Use Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, twitter etc. to make your target audience aware of what you have to offer in terms of Deals and Discounts.   To make your offer more attractive, You can also add Some Extra Discount on Day or Date basis.  Such as:  Today is Monday; If you Purchase today anything from us you can take Extra 5% Off. Right target audience and a good mix of offers and discounts will surely bring success.

Mobile Marketing Targeting Sale

Build Customer Relations with SMS & Email:

For any strong relationship between Merchant & Customer;  being in touch is very important and here SMS & Email plays a very important role.  Through Email and SMS you can send Special or current Deals & Offers to your Subscribe customer. The most important thing to remember is to avoid text spamming at all costs as this will only annoy your audience. To make customer interested in reading your stuff, you must keep on sending some news or other relevant content from time to time as otherwise the customer will lose interest in your communication taking it as just another promotional mail or message.

Videos :

In this era Internet is heavily biased towards Multimedia and Videos  is one of them .  People find it more engaging watching a video rather than reading a mailer or a ppt. Through Videos you can make a few short and crisp clips related to your product for promoting and raising awareness about your product.  There are lots of Online Video channels like YouTube , Vimeo  etc. that offer platform for promoting your stuff as also connect with audience.



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