Ground-breaking Social Media Campaigns of 2015

Brands running social media campaigns to connect with their consumers is a day-to-day activity. This reflects the ultimate aim of every brand which is engagement, no matter where brand reaches them, be it tablet, mobile or a computer. Here are discussed few campaigns which promoted their innovative ideas through the power of social networks and became viral:
1. Hewlett Packard(HP) : #BendTheRules
HP’s #BendTheRules campaign was proven to be the best initiative towards engagement with consumers. The campaign was bought by Twitter in early 2015, which promoted brand with celebrities. The campaign has been taken transmedia to higher level on Vine, Twitter and Television.
The stars on Vine platform has provided HP with enough content around the use of their products. The Senior Vice-President of HP, Rob Le Bras-Brown, express the aim of this social media campaign and said, “The idea was to find creative people in social media, particularly ‘vine-ographers’ give them the machine and invite them to be creative with it in six seconds.” This needs to be done by using the bend feature of HP laptop. One of the most famous video of Alaya has got 250,000 likes and approx. more than 7,000 comments.

The reason why this campaign outshone was the power of influencers or VineStars it used to convey their words. The second main reason of its success was the campaign spoke directly to its desired audience while talking about revamping its brand and thus attracting youth demographic.
2. ALS Association: Ice Bucket Challenge(Not For Profit):
Recent hugely popular “Ice Bucket Challenge” has introduced a weird trend of dumping bucket full of ice on heads to spread awareness on Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS disease) and to encourage people to donate to ALS community.

The challenge was being shared on social media by billionaires such as Facebook CEO (Mark Zuckerberg), Microsoft founder (Bill Gates) and many more. The idea behind the challenge was either donate $100 to the ALS Association or dump ice bucket on your head.
This campaign has gained wide attention all over the world and has raised $15,000,000 donation. This was the hot news for many weeks.
3. DealsPremi – Refer & Earn Facebook Campaign
Dealspremi (known earlier as Myawesomedeal) launched a unique facebook campaign. The participants had to refer just 5 of their friends and they could win a prize. The results were amazing and there were 20 lucky winners who got some amazing gifts. Who would leave such a golden chance to win prizes? People are already looking forward to their next campaign.

Deals Premi

4. Dominos’ #LetsDoLunch Twitter Campaign
Dominos’ delicious campaign ruled over the hearts of pizza lovers. The idea behind the scene is to offer pizza at low price which keep on lowering with every tweet wherein fans were asked to tweet with #LetsDoLunch. Dominos displayed the real time effect on price which encouraged people to tweet and hence worked indirectly for sales too. This is how this amazing thought worked a lot to gain engagement and sales both.
The analysis enlighten that 825 total tweets were sent and price reduced till £6.59 and got 43% hike on sales.

Dominos - Digital Solution Update
5. Expedia’s Home For Holidays Instagram Contest:
With almost 400 million active Instagram users, Expedia launched #ExpediaSendMeHome contest and had a great success. The participants were asked to follow @Expedia and to share their best holiday photo with a reason why they wanted to go home for holidays.

Expedia - Digital Solution Update
Through this engagement activity which didn’t require any purchase as necessity, #ExpediaSendMeHome didn’t disappoint. The emotional theme of going home in holidays induced a reason to engage leading to a whacking engagement score of 999 on Unmetric’s platform where the maximum achievable is 1000.
6. L’Oreal’s Paris Golden Globe GIFs:
For this year’s(2015) Golden Globes, The beauty brand L’Oreal Paris recreated some videos on makeup looks inspired by celebrities who walked down the red carpet during award show. The video clips were then transformed into animated GIFs that was shared on its Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter.

Megan Trinidad, Creative Director of L’Oreal Paris expressed her views and commented, “We perceive the Golden Globes as our Super Bowl”. The campaign resulted into 21.8 million impressions and 234,000 engagements.
Above campaigns were some of the path-breaking digital marketing efforts. The point to note is that an innovative campaign lead to engagement which not only resulted in Brand building but also helped boost revenue on the go.


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