Wondering why your automated email marketing is lagging behind

Your recent email marketing may have ended in spam/trash making you believe that it works only for biggies and not for you. But, this may not be the right picture. Engaging with email marketing campaign is a bit of science and art. And that means it is all about balancing technology and Marketing. In fact, a large number of marketers have already experimented and started getting good results.

The following tips shall help:
• Serve a need/interest/want:
It is easy to fall under the spell of content/ jargon and forget the real stuff altogether. If your firm is just focusing on content that can go viral by using some running Hashtags (#) and overlooking the quality of the content, you may attract your consumer to open the mail but getting desired action shall be dicey. Every email should have a purpose and you should be able to articulate that to anyone who graces your effort by opening the mail. It is important to mention here that more than 70% of consumers check email on smartphones and it would serve your purpose well, if your email is read well on smaller screen.
• Relevance
The email should be sent to relevant customers to get optimum response. This is also necessary to maintain reputation among consumers/openers. For example –If you are sending baby products promotion to a youngster your email may be marked to spam folder. Also mailing to bad email accounts viz inactive or banned account holders can lead your account to be blacklisted by major email providers, including Google. Tools like Yesmail or LeadSpend can be considered to validate your lists before your next mailing.
• Benefit for Consumers:
Why any user would even be bothered to check your company’s mail when several emails of similar vendors are sent everyday? There should be clear benefit for all the email readers to look forward to your email. One should never make false promises or use subject line stating a 50% off, while, the email actually doesn’t even hint about it. If the content of your message doesn’t match your subject line, subscribers shall feel cheated and may mark your mails to SPAM.
• Timing:
By regular tracking & analysis of email-campaigns, the marketers can learn about the consumer’s preference of day & time of the day, so that, better and early results for the Campaign can be achieved. In India, Tuesdays and Fridays are best for mail opens. Before 12 noon and after 5 PM on any day give better results. However, there may be deviations relative to sectors.
It would be interesting for you to know that Mumbai & Delhi consumers respond very well to emails. However, just please don’t depend totally on email Marketing. You would find that integrated campaigns can lead to decent increase in conversion rates.

Achal Kaushal
Digital Marketing Professional



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